Why free hosting in IP.GR?

We have the ability to offer free hosting services to our users, due to thousands of our customers who trust and use our paid services. But what reason do we offer this option for?

  1. We offer free hosting to new users and new sites

    Let's assume you are making your first attempt to create your online presence. It is most likely that you are not familiar to this procedure, but also not aware of the exact specifications your site should have to properly operate, once it goes published and start to have visits.

    To help you at your start, we provide you everything you need, without any restrictions and at no cost. If your website's needs increase later, you always have the option to upgrade your hosting package to one of the paid packages offered by IP.GR, fast and easy.

  2. We offer web hosting services only to satisfied customers

    What does that mean? We want all our customers to be satisfied with our services and trust us because they have already tested them! Our aim is all users that have tried our web hosting services through a free package are so satisfiedM, they actually want to upgrade their package to one of the paid packages available, to get access to much more options and features.

    Try free hosting today!