• Why should I choose free website hosting for my website?

    What makes free web hosting a perfect choice? Besides it is actually free, it is a good way to start your own website at no cost and without any obligations.

  • Why free website hosting from IP.GR?

    Choosing IP.GR to host your website for free, you get much more than a hosting package! And that's because you are hosting your website in a company that provides reliable web hosting services since 2000 to thousands of satisfied customers, with with the most modern infrastructure and qualified staff.

    The fact that the web hosting package you get is FREE, doesn't mean that we care less for your safety. The free web hosting packages use exactly the same infrastructure in terms of software and hardware all of our services are based on. Moreover we provide you the same support, monitoring and control, a paid web hosting package would provide.

  • For how long will my web hosting be free?

    For ever! For as long as your domain is registered and active in IP.GR, you may use the your free web hosting, without any additional fees!